Ryan Reynolds Attempts to Build an IKEA Crib

Putting baby furniture together is not always an easy task. Actor Ryan Reynold tries to build an IKEA crib in this humorous GQ video. He starts out by saying it is an "easy" but it isn't long before he has to call the helpline. Read more... October 15, 2015

Number of U.S. Births Climbs for First Time Since 2007

A new study from the PEW Research Center has found an increase in U.S. births for the first time since 2007. 2007 is when a "baby recession" began and U.S. births starting declining. This coincided with an actual recession. Read more... June 21, 2015

Dream on Me Recalls 10,000 Playpens

Dream on Me recalled 10,000 playpens earlier this month. The recall was for a possible strangulation hazard if one of the playpen's rails collapses. Read more... December 27, 2014

Surrogacy on the Rise Says New Report

ABC News reports that a new article in Elle suggests surrogacy is on the rise. Also on the rise is the use of a surrogate in situations where the mother is capable of having a child but prefers to use a surrogate. The woman uses the surrogate to protect their career and body. The ABC News story calls this "vanity surrogacy" or "social surrogacy." Dr. Jennifer Ashton says social surrogacy is still really rare. She says there were about 2,000 last year. It may be rare today but if it is starting to get major magazine coverage then it is only going to get more common. Read more... May 11, 2014

Internet Names Baby Amelia After Parents Let Internet Choose Their Baby's Name

The Internet has named a baby Amelia after her parents let the Internet choose their baby's name.The name was a good one, but the parents were not going to let some weird name win. Read more... April 26, 2014

Baby Born on the Road During Atlanta Icy Traffic Nightmare

A baby was born on the road during the massive icy traffic jam that resulted from a sudden winter storm. Some commuters were stuck on the road for over eight hours during the disastrous commute. The snow came down right at the perfect time and some meteorologists had forecast very little accumulation. Read more... February 1, 2014

Babies R Us Partners With The Bump

Babies R Us has announced a partnership with The Bump, a pregnancy and parenting website from XO Group Inc. The deal will include offering visitors direct access to Babies R Us Registry via a patented registry search tool on The deal also includes a cross-promotional program. Babies R Us says the partnership will "continue to evolve and develop over time." Read more... January 18, 2014

Study Finds Odor of Newborn Activates Neurological Reward Circuit in Mothers

A new study from University of Researchers has found that the smell of a new baby turns on the neurological reward circuit in mothers. In the study, two groups of women - recent mothers and women who had never given birth - were presented with the odors of the newborn babies of others while being subjected to brain imaging tests. The baby odor was collected from their pajamas. The study found brain imaging showed greater activation in the dopaminergic system of the caudate nucleus of mothers compared to the women who had never given birth. Read more... September 26, 2013

Babies Given Away on Live TV in Pakistan

Babies have been given away live on a talk show in Pakistan. The baby give away is highly controversial. The abandoned babies are given to childless couples. One of the babies given away had been left in a dumpster and attacked by animals. A welfare organization rescues the abandoned babies and claims the adopting families are vetted. Read more... August 3, 2013

Study Finds Rise in Flat Head Syndrome in Infants

CBS News reports that a new study, published in Pediatrics, has revealed flat spots (positional plagiocephaly) on the heads of 47% of babies studied. The flat spots are linked to a 1992 American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that all babies be put to sleep on their backs to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This does help reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS have plunged by 50% since 1992. However, it is also leading to an rise in Flat Head Syndrome according to the researchers. This is because a baby's skull is soft and still growing. Most of the babies in the study had mild flattening. Read more... July 8, 2013


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